Price of the degradable raw material PBAT has risen sharply

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As for the downstream PBAT of BDO, the Biodegradable Materials Research Institute calculates that according to the current raw material price of BDO is about 4620 dollars/ton, and the price of PTA is also rising continuously, which is now 740 dollars/ton, and the raw material cost for the production of 1 ton of PBAT is about 3400 dollars.



Raw material cost accounting

It takes 0.58 tons of BDO, 0.36 tons of PTA and 0.39 tons of AA to produce one ton of PBAT.

Based on the current price, it is estimated that BDO is about 30,000 yuan/ton, PTA is about 4,800 yuan/ton, and AA is about 0.7500 yuan/ton.

0.58 x 3 = 1.74

0.36 x 0.48 = 0.1728

0.39 x 0.75 = 0.2925

1 ton of PBAT material costs a total of 22,053 yuan, or 4,000 US dollars.



If depreciation, labor, management and other costs of equipment are taken into account, PBAT will lose money even if it is sold at $4,800 / ton.If BDO rises further, it may well break off the downstream.The individual market price of PBAT has reported USD5400 / ton on February 25th.At present, the raw material skyrocketed, the main downstream of BDO, now the production of PBT factories are basically to stop, if this continues, the production of PTMEG factories will also stop, both sides can not make money.

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