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Features of children's tableware


1. Color

The color of children's tableware should be as bright as possible. The Swiss psychologist Piaget said, "Children's thinking starts from the action. If the connection between the action and the thinking is cut off, the thinking will not be developed." That is, brightly colored tableware can increase the child. The action and stimulation of the child’s nerves make the child’s actions and thinking continue to be linked, so that the brain develops as soon as possible


2. Modeling

Need to consider the child's use characteristics and physiological characteristics. Example: When a child learns to use chopsticks at the age of 2-3, because the child's brain is not mature and it is not as flexible as an adult, it is necessary to use auxiliary methods to make the child use it correctly. Design a cartoon shape on the appearance to cultivate children's interest in eating.


3. Fall resistance

Children often fall to the ground when using tableware. It is necessary to choose tableware that is not easy to break when dropped from 60-80CM to the ground to prevent injury to children.


4. Thermal conductivity

The child's skin is less sensitive to heat and heat resistance. It is necessary to prevent the child from getting burned.



Use environmental protection tableware since childhood, let the seed of environmental protection take root and germinate in the heart of children.


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