Can creature and plastic coexist?

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A large amount of human plastic garbage is destroying the earth.Garbage has encroached on the territories where the animals live. They have nowhere to hide, and in the end they can only be entangled in various plastics, restricting freedom.


The foraging animals regard garbage as food, but these plastics cannot be digested at all, and they can only die in the struggle. Even if they don’t eat plastic garbage by mistake and are entangled by various garbage, it will cause pain, suffocation, and even death.


Many people don't know, the garbage you throw away may cost the lives of animals. Last year, 145 whales collectively committed suicide on Turst Island in New Zealand. The whales swam in groups to the shore. They groaned and called to each other on the beach, their tails flapping against the sand of the shoal...


When the rescuers euthanized the whale, everyone present cried with a low headache. They knelt down and hugged the whale and said: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.As everyone knows, the culprit of this tragedy is human beings. "Whales have been eating plastic garbage floating in the sea for a long time, causing problems in their body functions. The stomach rots and loses the ability to eat, so the sonar system is paralyzed and ultimately unable to distinguish the direction." Marine animals have nowhere to hide in the trash-covered ocean and suffer from it.


According to United Nations estimates, about 100 million tons of plastic cups have been dumped into the ocean so far. Every year at least 1 billion marine organisms lose their lives due to plastic products.


These numbers are shocking and suffocating.Compared with celebrity entertainment gossip, these animals struggle and die silently, and it seems that there is not much attention. Only ourselves can save the earth.


Change a little bit every day to contribute to the protection of the earth's environment. Although you and I are small, you must always believe that the incitement of a butterfly will trigger a tsunami.

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